From Pinterest to Projects: Halloween Hot Air Balloons

When I found this on Pinterest I sent it to my mom and told her she had to make it. She told me she was all ready working on crafty projects and she probably wouldn’t have time. Then I got a call on Thursday – she was at Michael’s and they had all the supplies we would need on sale. Did I want her to buy them and we’d make them over the weekend? Of course!

So I went over to my mom’s this weekend and we got to work on them. Of course we changed up some things to make them our own, but I’m still shocked out just how different ours turned out. We both started out with the plan to make them look like the one in the project, but then things just kinda took off from there.

This one is mine. I really liked the face on the original project so I kept that the same. We used a different base, didn’t add the skeleton, and did some of the details differently.

This one is my mom’s. Talk about different huh? She decided that she wanted her face to be different so she did a search online. When she came across a vampire pumpkin online she completely changed her mind and went this route. I love how different they are!

It is always fun to work on holiday craft projects and Pinterest is WONDERFUL for finding ideas for those projects!


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