My food log

So on March 1, 2012 I started a food log. I created a spreadsheet on Google drive and since then I have been documenting everything I eat and drink. I’ve read plenty of times that if you write down everything that it helps to hold you accountable. I wasn’t quite sure, but I thought I would give it a shot.

Here we are a year and a half later and i’m still doing it. I had no idea if it was actually making a difference, but I’d gotten into the habit and never stopped. So last week I decided to check and see if it was actually making a difference. I knew that on occasion I was also posting my weight. I went back and found out that the first time I put down a weight was April 16, 2012. So had it made a difference?

I currently weigh 5 pounds less than I did when I started! How cool is that? 

Granted, I do run and do yoga and go to the gym so we can’t say that it is ALL because of the fact that I write down what I eat and drink. BUT, it is cool to see a change. Maybe subconsciously I’m thinking “Do you really want to eat that cupcake? Look how long your list of things you ate today already is!” I really have no clue.

Maybe the point of the story is just that I weigh 5 pounds less than a did a year and a half ago? Or maybe its that 4 years later I’m still down 20 pounds? Wait a minute! Has it really been 4 years since I lost all the weight? *checks calendar* Why yes it has! I guess a “go me!” is in order here.

Moral of the story? Be aware of what you eat and don’t forget to move your ass every once in awhile!

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