CateredFit One Day Trial

Last week I had the opportunity to check out a one day trial of Catered Fit. Catered Fit is a healthy food delivery service (similar to Fresh Meal Plan) and they have just started deliveries here in the Orlando area.

Catered Fit Trial

So how does it work? It is very easy!

1. Choose A Meal Plan – there are 5 options

Catered Fit Trial

2. Call Or Order Online

3. Food is Made fresh daily

4. Food is delivered daily – for a one time fee of $10 they give you a cooler bag & ice pack that your food will be delivered in. This works out really well if you won’t be home when your food shows up. Gotta make sure the food is safe!

5. Eat and enjoy!

How easy is that?! Catered Fit meals are 100% natural and are free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes and table salt. These meals are cooked fresh and delivered 5 evenings per week, Sunday-Thursday, between the hours of 3-9pm. Every Friday the menu for the following week is posted on the website. They change things up often so that their customers always have a good variety.

I decided to try out the Smart meal plan. The Catered Fit Smart Meal Plan is designed for those simply trying to eat better and maintain their current healthy weight. The Smart Meal Plan that provides all the nourishment and energy required for your body to function and go about your day. I told them that I didn’t eat red meat and that wasn’t a big deal at all. On Sunday afternoon around 4 pm I got a delivery of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack/dessert. Here is what I got:

BREAKFAST: Crust less Pizza Breakfast Quiche with Provolone

(Cal: 252 P: 22g C: 23g Total Fat: 08g)


Main Course: Spanish Fire Roasted Pork with Guava Gravy

Side: Boniato and Yucca with Mojo and Braised Spinach with Roasted Apple

Dessert: Black and Blueberry Apple Cobbler with Almond Crunch

(Cal: 456 P: 32g C: 37g Total Fat: 20g)


Main Course: Savory Hawaiian Island Turkey Stew with Fresh Mango

Side: Green Onion Brown Rice with Organic Carrot and Parsnip Medley

(Cal: 402 P: 28g C: 32g Total Fat: 18g)

I took the breakfast and lunch meals with me to work on Monday. I love the fact that I can just throw these in the microwave and TA-DA a fresh home cooked (sorta) meal. I hate to admit it, but I was not impressed by the breakfast. It really wasn’t very appetizing to to look at, but I decided to give it a chance anyway. Unfortunately it didn’t taste any better. The eggs were overcooked and the whole meal wasn’t very tasty. Oh well, two more chances to win me over right?

Catered Fit Trial

Lunch was SO much better! It looked a lot better than breakfast AND it tasted really good. It had a lot of flavor and was the perfect amount for lunch. I usually don’t eat a lot for lunch because it tends to make me really sleepy, this was just enough to get me over the mid-day hump without putting me in a food coma. And I couldn’t get over how moist the pork was! They actually do different portion sizes and calorie content for men and women, so it works out nicely for everyone.

Catered Fit Trial

I was super excited when dinner was even better than lunch. Turkey stew is now one of my favorite things! Lunch & Dinner definitely made up for breakfast being sub par.

Catered Fit Trial

Pricing varies depending on which meal plan you go with and how many meals per day you choose. For the Smart plan it factors out to around $8.30 per meal for a 5 day plan (or $8 per meal if you do a month plan). But you have to remember that you don’t have to find recipes, shop, or cook. Its cheaper (or about the same) as eating out and its definitely a lot better for you. For someone that doesn’t cook (like me) or is short on time, this would be a fantastic option.

Catered Fit Trial

I really enjoyed my trial and would definitely consider giving Catered Fit a try if the budget allowed for it. I’ve been trying to cook more but if that doesn’t pan out this would definitely be a good alternative.

*Disclosure: I was provided a one day trial in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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