Back on track

Between being off work for 11 days, the holidays, and the new guy in my life I’ve gotten a little off track with my eating and exercising. I have actually exercises more over the last 2 weeks than I thought I would, but my eating has been all over the place. Some days I do good, some days I do bad, and other days I just kinda forgot to eat.

So this morning I decided that I was going to get back on track. I all ready had 4 walking/running dates scheduled and now I just needed to get my eating back on track. I headed to Aldi and was AMAZED and the amount of goodies I got for just $18.96.











First I picked up some things to make smoothies in the mornings. I need something that I can just fix and take with me to work. And with a smoothie I can either drink it on the way to work or when I get there. And my mom got me this insulated travel cup that I can put in the freezer for Christmas, so that will work perfectly for this. In addition to what you see here I all ready had frozen strawberries and almond milk in the fridge – so I’m all set.











Next I picked up stuff to make overnight oats that I will bring for lunch. I top my oats with a whole happy and it is very filling. I’ll probably bring another apple or banana for an afternoon snack. I picked up some cereal for the weekends and mornings where I just want some cereal.

The sparkling flavored water is a must because it helps me cut down on the amount of soda I drink. I pretty much only drink diet soda at home and work, but I know that I really shouldn’t be drinking it at all. I realized a couple of months back that one of the main reasons I drink soda is the fizz. So I decided to try out the sparkling flavored water and see if that worked in place of the soda. It totally does! I LOVE this strawberry sparkling water from Aldi. I’ve tried a couple other brands (from Publix and Walmart) and haven’t liked any of them as much as this. PLUS, it is way cheaper than the stuff at Publix and Walmart.

As you can see I didn’t pick up a lot of dinner related items. Between exercising and the new guy, I’m really never sure what I’m gonna be doing for dinner. I got the whole wheat pasta and brown rice to pair with some frozen veggies that I all read have. And I all ready have some veggie burgers in the freezer that I tend to eat when I just don’t know what to make. So I should be pretty set. And I feel like if I can fill my day with good for me foods, I have a little more room for the bad stuff in the evening. I know that plenty of people say you should eat the bad stuff/carbs in the middle of the day, but my lunch options are limited because of where I work. So good stuff during the day it is!

Hopefully getting back on track with my eating AND my running/walking will help prepare me for the 10k race I’m doing on February 2nd. I can’t believe it is only 4 weeks away! When I registered for this race in the fall it felt so far away and now it is just a month away. We are making a little girls weekend out of it and I’m super exited!

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