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I’ve known for a couple of weeks that I was going to be going to a Gator BBQ today at a friend’s house. I’m excited about this for multiple reasons…

  • I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the game at home.
  • It gave me a reason to make orange and blue cupcakes.
  • I get to hang out with all my Gator fan friends!

I decided to do a simple chocolate cupcake with a vanilla frosting. Last week I was digging through my Cupcakes and Sweets board on Pinterest (looking for things to bake) when I came across a pin for an Almost Homemade Buttercream frosting. I have to admit that anytime I make buttercream at home it just doesn’t turn out as light and flight as I’d like it. I guess in my head I want a buttercream frosting that tastes like a buttercream frosting but has more of a consistency of a whipped cream frosting. So I decided that for the cupcakes I needed to make for today I would try out this recipe.

Oh. Em. Gee. This stuff is f’n amazing! And yes, I really truly felt that f’n was necessary. It wasn’t freaking amazing, or really great, or totally rad. It is F’N AMAZING people!

The recipe calls for lemon extract, but I left that out since I just wanted a vanilla frosting for my chocolate cupcakes. One thing to note, when they tell you to “continue to beat on medium-high until smooth and fluffy” they mean it. Make sure that your mixer is set more towards the high side of medium. I started out on medium because I was a little leery about it, but as soon as I turned it up a little the frosting took on a life of it’s own.

I can’t say enough about this recipe. It was easy and it tastes and looks great. Since I’m bringing this to a Gator bbq I tinted the frosting orange and blue and had a little fun with it. I really wish I had blue and orange gel coloring to make them brighter, but I still love the way they turned out.








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  1. sharonb0087 says:

    They look amazing! What is ‘marshmallow cream’ – I’m in the UK & don’t think I’ve heard of this. I struggle to get my frosting the right consistency to pipe so really want to try this.

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