To run or not to run

Last week at physical therapy I asked my therapist when I would be able to run again. She asked if I had been running at all. I told her no, since the other therapist had told me not to. She looked at me with a very shocked look on her face and said “And you listened?!” LOL. Yes yes, I am a good patient. She told me that I could probably start running again, but she wanted me first time running to be there on the treadmill where she could see me. WOO HOO!

So I have packed my running shoes and my new “Run Happy” cupcake shirt for therapy tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that everything will go well and I’ll get the all clear to start running again. There is less than 2 months until my next 1/2 marathon and I am really anxious to get training again. Also, there is a 5k race I’d like to do in 2 weeks and tomorrow is the last day to register before the price goes up. Maybe I’ll be able to register for it when I get home.

I never thought there would come a time when I would miss running. A time when i’d get frustrated when I couldn’t just put on my running shoes and head out the door when I got home from work. I guess this means I’m a runner huh? Well this runner is ready to give my insanely bright running shoes something to do other than hang out in my closet.

*fingers crossed that I get the all clear to run again!*

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