Thrifty Thursday: Jackpot!

On Friday I decided that I needed to do a little thrifting on my way home. I hadn’t been to my favorite thrift stores in awhile, so I thought I’d hit them up. Good way to start the weekend right?

My first stop was a relatively large Goodwill. After talking myself out of trying on a few amazingly terrible 80’s wedding dresses, I made a beeline for the housewares section. Jackpot #1!












Vintage pillow sham: 99 cents

Strawberry window valance: 99 cents

Christmas candy jar: 99 cents

I plan to use the pillow sham to make some aprons. I know it is totally 80’s, but that is what I love about it. My first thought for the strawberry window valance was to make a couple of aprons. I could cut it up and probably make 3 or 4 aprons with MINIMAL sewing involved. Since my sewing machine is being a bitch these days that really sounded like a good idea. But then I started thinking about how it would be just as cute to leave it as a window valance and use it in the kitchen. All of my kitchen accessories are red and lately I’ve been adding random vintage strawberry pieces to the mix, so it really would be perfect. Unfortunately it would not work on the window of my current kitchen. Since I’ll probably be moving in the next 6-8 weeks, I think I will just hold on to it for now and see what happens.

My second stop was the Habitat ReStore. They only sell furniture, housewares, and building supplies. Most of my last few stops there have resulted in me leaving empty handed and I was feeling like that was going to happen once again. But instead we ended up with Jackpot #2!












Set of 2 pyrex bowls: $6.50

Orange pyrex baking dish: $4

Apron: 75 cents

Holy pyrex batman! I have been VERY good about not buying anymore pyrex. It isn’t that I don’t want anymore, it’s that at the present time my kitchen cannot hold anymore. But when I came across this beautiful set of bowls for just $6.50 I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been admiring this pattern online for awhile, so I couldn’t just pass by it when I found it.

Next I found the apron. I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a kids apron and it has a few stains, but for 75 cents I just couldn’t pass it up. I’ll probably take a pair of scissors to it and make a Meghan apron from it. Or maybe it will just end up in a frame in my kitchen one day. Regardless of what happens to it, it just had to come home with me.














At this point I was pleased as punch with my purchases when I stumbled across this beautiful bright orange pyrex baking dish (pictured above with the bowls). If you haven’t caught on that I have a slight obsession with orange, then you probably haven’t been paying attention. If it weren’t for my bright red Kitchenaid mixer (and all the matching gadgets) I would change my kitchen to all orange in a heartbeat. At least now I have a nice orange piece of pyrex in case that ever does come to pass.

So that was my latest thrifting adveture. For less that $15 I came away with some very nice goodies. I’m sure this means that I won’t find anything the next couple of times I hit up the thrift stores, but for now I am totally okay with that.

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