32 goals for 32 recap

So back in July of last year I came up with my 32 Goals for 32 right after my 32nd birthday. I decided with my 33rd birthday right around the corner, I would revisit this list and see how I did before I start working on 33 goals for 33. So let’s see how I did shall we?

32 Goals for 32

1. Run, Run, and Run some more! I did run 2 half marathons in my 32nd year, but running as a whole was not good.

2. 1/2 Marathon in less than 3 hours I finished the Rock N Roll Savannah Half Marathon in 2:47:47!

3. More crafting, less TV I cancelled my cable in January 2012, but I’m not sure I’ve done a whole lot more crafting. 

4. Get back down to 148 pounds or less (see previous post) I am down to 153… just 5 pounds away from that goal!

5. Buy a house (if that is even possible) Not possible at the moment. Total bummer.

6. Full-time job – this one or a new one My current job went full-time in April! WOO HOO!

7. Better eating habits I think this is a matter of opinion? Tee hee. Not so much. 

8. Read 32 books (this is getting off to a good start as I picked up 2 books from the library the other day and I’m currently on the second one) I can’t seem to find a record of what I read in 2011, but I know for a fact I’ve read 33 books so far in 2012 – goal accomplished!

9. Take a trip! (Savannah doesn’t count) Nope, didn’t happen.

10. Learn to drive a manual car (had my first “lesson” with Laura on Saturday) Nope, didn’t happen.

11. Start taking pictures again I purchased a used DSLR and have been taking a lot more pictures.

12. Stop worrying so much! Um. Uh. Yeah sure. 

13. Complete “300 miles in 2011” I got halfway there 🙂

14. Work on cupcakerie plans Nope, didn’t happen.

15. Sew, sew, and sew some more! I did sew a lot in the last year. Lots of lots of baby bibs!

16. Scrapbook 2009 (this goal is harder than you think… its the year my ex-husband left) Nope, didn’t happen. I just have not been able to get myself back into scrapbooking yet. Really the only scrapbooking I did was for a friend. 

17. Scrapbook 2010 Nope, didn’t happen. I just have not been able to get myself back into scrapbooking yet. Really the only scrapbooking I did was for a friend. 

18. Travel with my momma Um, we went to Saint Augustine!

19. Go to a concert Nope, didn’t happen

20. Use my Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure annual pass more often Nope, didn’t happen – not having someone to go with kinda made this one hard.

21. Learn to cook ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha.

22. Journal more – make it more creative I have been journaling a LOT more.

23. Host more parties (even if they are small ones) I co-hosted a friend’s birthday dinner last week and I’m currently planning a baby shower with two other girls. I think that counts.

24. Spend more time with friends Done and done.

25. Call my grandma, or send her a card, every week I am a very bad Meghan 🙁

26. Make baking pretty Sure 🙂

27. More DIY projects for my apartment/house – make it a home Not so much.

28. Take woofer to the dog park at least once a month (more often when it cools off) More than I was, but not once a month.

29. Blog more! Totally!

30. Make & send cards as often as I used to (like for every freaking thing!) I have been REALLY good about this! I’ve even been making cards ahead of time so I don’t forget. 

31. Figure out me and what I want out of life (HA HA HA – I’m funny, I know) Oh yes… oh wait, oh no.

32. MOVE ON! I dated a guy for a year, then when I decided I really needed to start looking for a husband I joined Match.com. I have a full-time job and I actually go out with my friends. I can talk about my ex and not get angry/upset/sad/pissed off. I think I’m doing pretty good 🙂

I guess now it is time to start working on my 33 goals for this coming year. I know running will be at the top of the list… I wonder what else will be on it?

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