32 Goals for 32

The other night before bed I decided to make a list of goals for year #32. It was mostly a way to motivate myself… it has helped. I think. So in keeping with my accountability goal, here is that list.

1. Run, Run, and Run some more!

2. 1/2 Marathon in less than 3 hours

3. More crafting, less TV

4. Get back down to 148 pounds or less (see previous post)

5. Buy a house (if that is even possible)

6. Full-time job – this one or a new one

7. Better eating habits

8. Read 32 books (this is getting off to a good start as I picked up 2 books from the library the other day and I’m currently on the second one)

9. Take a trip! (Savannah doesn’t count)

10. Learn to drive a manual car (had my first “lesson” with Laura on Saturday)

11. Start taking pictures again

12. Stop worrying so much!

13. Complete “300 miles in 2011”

14. Work on cupcakerie plans

15. Sew, sew, and sew some more!

16. Scrapbook 2009 (this goal is harder than you think… its the year my ex-husband left)

17. Scrapbook 2010

18. Travel with my momma

19. Go to a concert

20. Use my Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure annual pass more often

21. Learn to cook

22. Journal more – make it more creative

23. Host more parties (even if they are small ones)

24. Spend more time with friends

25. Call my grandma, or send her a card, every week

26. Make baking pretty

27. More DIY projects for my apartment/house – make it a home

28. Take woofer to the dog park at least once a month (more often when it cools off)

29. Blog more!

30. Make & send cards as often as I used to (like for every freaking thing!)

31. Figure out me and what I want out of life (HA HA HA – I’m funny, I know)

32. MOVE ON!

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