August 2009: 172 pounds (my highest weight ever)

October 2009: 148 pounds (about 6 weeks after my ex-husband left me)

November 2010: 155 pounds

July 2011: 164 pounds

Do you see a trend here?! It is definitely not a GOOD trend. In November 2010 I was very happy that I had only gained 7 pounds back. I knew that I’d gained some of the weight back, but I didn’t think it was another 9 pounds.

So here’s the deal, I want to be back down to 148 by October of this year. I’d love to be able to say I’ve been at the same weight for 2 years. I have another 1/2 marathon in November, so this goal coupled with the training I need to do should be great a combo.






I feel like in order to stick to this and not go back to eating crap and sitting on my butt, I need to share it with the world. Accountability baby! So pretty pretty please, help me stick to my goal. I need your help!

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