Yelp Elite: King’s Bowl Orlando

The first Orlando Yelp! Elite event was held at Kings Bowl on I-Drive last week. What is Kings Bowl you ask? Well its like a super fancy grown up bowling alley. They have 22 bowling lanes, pool tables, a full service restaurant, 2 bars, and private rooms. It is amazing!

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For our Elite event they pulled out all the stops. They had samples of 5 of their most popular drinks, passed appetizers, and a few stations set up with other food to try. We also got 2 free drink tickets so that we could try any of the drinks on their menu. After a fun game of Elite Bingo we all headed to the back of our private room for some bowling, pool, and photo booth fun! But let me back up a little bit…

First off, the Gators were playing in NCCA Basketball Tournament at the same time as the event. Thankfully Kings Bowl has over 60 HD tvs so we were able to catch the second half of the game while playing bingo. A couple of my fellow Yelpers were also Gator Alumni, so we all had to wear our Gator gear to the event. Go Gators!


When we checked in we all got our name tags along with a Eilte Bingo sheet. Everyone that was Elite had a star on their name tag. The Elite Bingo sheet with full of facts from the Elite members’ Yelp profile. So the object of the game was to go around and find out what fact belonged to which Elite and have them sign your sheet. The first person to get Bingo won dinner for 2 with our new Community Manager Andi. I didn’t win, but it was fun getting to talk to some new people.




As I mentioned there were samples of 5 drinks around the bar area to try – The Dude, Sangria, Cherry Vanilla Coke, Raspberry Lime Ricky, & Strawberry Pop Rocktini. My favorite was the Cherry Vanilla Coke! I ended up ordering a full sized one later in the night. They even use the tiny glass bottles of coke for the drink, which added a little something extra I think. I have a thing for cute drinks.

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There were a variety of things to eat (pizza, steak skewers, scallops) but my favorite had to be the Buffalo Chicken Wontons. I think I could have eaten an entire tray myself!


Once we finished up with Bingo and getting our fill of tasty eats, we went to the back of our private room where there were 6 bowling lanes and a couple of pool tables. I signed our group up for a lane as soon as we got there, so we were all set. Our bowling area was great! The music was killer and there were large screens at the end of the lanes playing the videos to go along with the music. Each lane had long benches (that were actually comfortable) to sit on with a table in between. There were also high top bar tables to the back of all the lanes. Time just flew by and next thing we knew it was almost time to leave!


I have to mention the wait staff & bartenders at this event. They were awesome! After we moved from the bar area to the bowling lanes the wait staff went with us, so we were dealing with the same folks. It was fun because they already knew how crazy we all were and it just made it more fun. I give a big gold star to all the staff for making the night that much better!



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