When The Words Just Won’t Come Out Write

I rarely EVER have a hard time talking. I like talking and a talk a lot. And I can talk to pretty much anyone anywhere. But sometimes, just sometimes, I sit down to do a blog post and the words just won’t come out right. Or write. Either way its a bust.

Kinda hard to post three times a week if every time you sit down to write a post you just draw a blank. I have plenty of assignments and topics to write about but I just can’t get anything to come out. I’ve tried all the different “tricks” to get past a writing block and its just not working. And it is driving me nuts!

When The Words Just Won't Come Out Write

I thought about just writing some fluff pieces and posting those, but I really hate when you go to a blog and read a post that you knew was just put there because they didn’t have anything better to say. I don’t EVER want my readers to feel like they are getting the B sides. I don’t ever want to be writing B sides either. We both deserve the best right? (man alive I am confusing myself with all this right vs write stuff!)

So I’m giving my brain, and my fingers, a well deserved break. My plan is to come back on November 1st with some new material and be back on track. If my brain unfreezes before then I might jump back in, but for now November 1st is the date. It is just a little over a week but I’m hoping that not thinking about writing or forcing myself to write will help make this all flow again.

See you in November!

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