Vintage on a Budget

I love thrift stores. I LOVE them. Even when I don’t have to watch what I spend I love them. Especially the thrift stores in Tampa near where my friend Laura lives. I seem to hit the mother load every time I’m over there. Since it’ll be another 2 weeks until I’m over there again, I decided to hit up the small goodwill that is up the street from me.

In thrift stores I usually hit up two sections – the housewares and dresses. I’m always on the look out for pyrex to add to my collection and funky dresses. So yesterday afternoon I took note of what was on sale (anything with a green tag was 50% off) and headed for the dresses. I found an AMAZING vintage dress AND it had a green tag. When I took it off the rack I was certain there was no way it would fit me, but I had to try. It fit! So for $2.99 I got an amazing cream colored vintage dress. Add to that a 99 cent white mug (for a craft project I have in mind) and I was a happy Meghan.

Whatcha think of my killer find?

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  1. Laura M says:

    Very cool find! You always find the coolest stuff in the clothes section, I never have that luck. Any plans for alterations or accessories?

    • Meghan says:

      I was about to say “Who is this Laura M chick?” Tee hee. I’m not sure yet. I’d love to change the color, but I need to talk to my mom to see if that’s even possible. And I need a slip to go under it since its a bit sheer.

      Any suggestions?

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