Vero Beach Mini-Vacation

This past weekend I went to visit a friend who just recently bought a house in Vero Beach. It was kind of like a mini-vacation for Pepper and I. We ate out, stayed up late, played, shopped, and just generally had fun. The best part of the weekend was spending Sunday on a boat on the Intercoastal. It reminded me just how much I love being out on the water! I told my friend that if he wasn’t careful I just might move into his spare bedroom. Being less the 4 miles from the ocean and the river was pretty awesome.

We headed south from Vero Beach with the goal of getting down to Port St Lucy. It was so pretty! I could spend every weekend out on a boat and never get tired of it. I love the fresh air and the sunshine. Plus we got to see a lot of pretty houses along the way as well.

After riding around for awhile we dropped anchor and did some fishing. I caught THREE fish! 1 catfish and 2 sheepshead. Have you ever seen a sheepshead? They have people teeth! They are super creepy. I will bait my own hook and all that, but I was NOT about to take the hook out of a fish with people teeth. No thank you!

On our way back in we saw a dolphin. Instead of running to get my camera I just decided to stay put and watch him/her swim. It was really cool! I’ve seen dolphins plenty of times, but it had been awhile since I’d seen one in the wild. Once we got back to the marina there were some manatees, but I couldn’t see them from where I was. Oh well, maybe next time.

I really enjoyed my mini-vacation to Vero Beach and I will definitely be back. It was less than a 2 hour drive and I really felt like I’d left the “real world” for awhile. Maybe next time I’ll catch a shark! lol.


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