Yep, underpants.

I have to admit that losing 23 pounds over 3 years ago definitely made a difference in what you find in my undie drawer these days. But like any woman, I still have those comfy undies. The ones that don’t have any holes, but definitely aren’t “for show.” Then I have the “in the middle” undies. They aren’t super comfy hide your eyes undies, but they aren’t super sexy either. They are right in the middle. Then you have the sexy undies that you only bring out for special occasions (like you know someone other than yourself or a doctor are going to see them). The undies that aren’t practical and most likely not comfortable either. All you ladies know the ones I’m talking about.

Well most of the time the undies I choose in the morning fall into one of the first two categories. What I’m wearing or where I’m going usually determines what kind of undies I’m going to wear that day. But there is one other factor that can play into what kind of undies I wear… men. Oh yes, you heard me, men.

We ALL know that once you have a man in your life you put a lot more thought into your under things. All of the sudden you actually care if your bra and undies match. You think about your choices before you go to work and factor in your after work activities… are you going straight home after work, will you have a chance to shower and change before you see said man, etc. All of the sudden you are very conscious of the loose threads and tiny (not intentional) holes in your lace undies. Suddenly choosing your undies becomes a royal pain in the tushy!

I like to think that I’m not one of “those girls” that is constantly dressing for their man. I really don’t think I am. I mean I’m still going to wear my pink flannel sock monkey PJs when it is cold and my TMNT shirt on the weekends. But you can bet your rent money that I’m gonna be thinking about my undies every morning when I get dressed. And I’m going to make sure that there aren’t any holes in places there shouldn’t be. And I may even wear a bra and undies that match on a Friday night. I’m not saying that a man IS going to see my bra and undies, but you can be darn sure that if he does they are going to match!

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