The story of my pink tree

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend at my mom’s. We ate, we shopped, we put up lights, and we decorated. By the time I finally made it back to my place on Sunday I wasn’t even remotely motivated to decorate my own place. I did a couple fast things, but didn’t really get a lot done.

Monday night I thought I would get more done, but I left work with no motivation again. I decided to do a little Christmas shopping and see if that helped motivate me. Not so much. I did get some gifts that were on my list and I wrapped them, but that was it. I was starting to worry that the house might never get decorated.

Yesterday I was determined! All day I thought about how my evening was going to pan out… walk/run, eat some dinner, a quick trip to Michaels, and then decorate. But by the time the afternoon rolled around my motivation was gone again. I didn’t want to run. I didn’t want to decorate. Hell, I didn’t even want to go get tacos for dinner. Sigh. Finally by the time I left I had made a decision. I was going to stop and get dinner on the way home, then go home and eat dinner and watch ONE episode of the TV I’d missed over the last couple of days. THEN I would get to work decorating. Amazingly enough this worked.

I got all the boxes out of the closet and was pulling out the tree when I realized that it really wasn’t going to fit where I thought it would. Sigh. I was getting very frustrated and was about to say f*ck it when a light bulb went off. What about that 4 foot PINK tree that I bought for Valentine’s day? SCORE! New house, new tree!

I immediately pushed the boring 6 foot green tree back into the closet and busted out the pink tree. It fit perfectly on the end table next to the couch. Since it was a pre-lit tree I didn’t even have to put lights on it (my least favorite thing) and it took about 5 minutes to get it set up on the table. I had to pick and chose which ornaments I wanted to use since it was much smaller than my usual tree. In the end I had a tree that I loved and was super motivated to decorate the rest of the house.

I decorated the living room, found “new” things I bought two Christmases ago that match my new kitchen, and even put up more lights outside. I went to bed feeling very accomplished and feeling very festive. Plus my bestie and her husband will be coming by on Saturday to see the place for the first time, so I’m happy it will be all decorated.

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