The Cupcake Spot – St Petersburg, FL

On my last trip to Tampa I asked Laura if our adventures were going to take us anywhere near The Cupcake Spot. She looked up there address and said we really wouldn’t be near there. Then she realized that they also had a location in St. Petersburg… that happens to be only a couple blocks from the dress shop we were going to. SCORE! Just what we need to do, eat cupcakes before going to try on dresses at a fancy dress shop.





The shop was small and cute, but had one heck of a selection. With over 16 cupcakes to chose from we knew that one cupcake each just wasn’t going to work. If you buy a pack of four it’s a bit cheaper (50 cents) than if you bought them individually. So we went for it and bought 4. We got  “Better Than,” “The Cuppy,” “Smores,” and a buckeye cupcake (can’t remember the name). Oh, and did I mention that the 2 staff members working on the day we visited were very handsome young men? Oh yes, they know how to appeal to their clientel.





Yum, yum, yum, and YUM. Laura ate the “Better Than” and I ate the buckeye one. Her’s, according to the description on the website, was “deluxe chocolate chip cupcake with cream cheese and chocolate chip icing.” She was surprised by the cream cheese icing, but said it worked really well. Mine was a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and come chocolate on top. Oh em gee! It was amazing. If it weren’t for it being so rich I could have eaten another one. So so good. Unfortunately we had a busy weekend and didn’t get around to eating the other two cupcakes while I was there. And I keep forgetting to ask Laura how they were. But if you try and ask her about it she’ll tell you that she has no idea what happened to those other two cupcakes and probably blame their disappearance on her cat Pip (Pip will eat ANYTHING!).

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