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I first learned about Style Encore from a fellow blogger. I had multiple friends that tried our Stitch Fix, but I just didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me. I wanted help picking out my clothes but I didn’t just want a random box of high priced items showing up at my door. So when I read about Style Encore and how you could have a stylist help pick out clothes for you (for FREE) I was pretty excited.

Style Encore is like an updated version of a resale store. People can come in and sell their gently-worn items, and then Style Encore sells them to the public. The store is arrange my item type and color. It is wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time. While I love the idea of purchasing top of the line items at low prices, I tend to get irritated digging through racks trying to find what I want or trying to figure out what I want. Then I learned that Style Encore has a stylist. A stylist that can help you pick out the right clothes for you… and its a FREE service! After filling out a short questionnaire their stylist Sandii picks out some outfits for you (complete with shoes and accessories) and has them waiting for you when you come in. You can either just have her pick out some general clothes for you to update your wardrobe, or you can have her help you find outfits for a certain occasion or trip (like New Years Eve or a cruise).

Sounds great right? I thought so and decided to try out the service. I filled out the questionnaire and answered all the general questions about sizes, things I liked and didn’t like, and color preferences. I also noted that I liked skirts and vintage clothes and felt like I’d been born in the wrong era. Sandii loved that I was looking for vintage styles and told me she had a great time picking out clothes for me.

Style Encore Review

When I came in a couple of days later she had SEVEN complete outfits picked out for me. The outfits even had necklaces, purses, and shoes to match. I had a blast trying on all the outfits and really felt like Sandii had listened when I told her what I was looking for. There were 3 outfits with skirts, 1 with pants, 1 with shorts, and two dresses.

Style Encore Review

I ended up buying two complete outfits – one with the necklace and shoes, one with the necklace, and then I bought two purses. I ended up with 11 pieces all together – 5 pieces of clothing, 2 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings, 1 pair of shoes, and 2 purses for $118. How awesome is that? And it included brands like Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, and Banana Republic.

Style Encore Review

Overall I LOVED my experience at Style Encore, but of course as with any new experience there were pros and cons:


  • Having someone pick out clothes for me
  • Being able to get name brand items for a fraction of the cost
  • Having access to all kinds of clothes and accessories


  • Unlike a department store where they have multiple sizes, if the problem with an item (clothes or shoes) is that you need a different size there isn’t anything you can do about it. This also applies to color. If you LOVE a top but don’t like the color, you can’t just go to the rack and grab it in another color.

Honestly, that was the only downside I found to Style Encore. I had two items that I really liked but needed another size, which unfortunately there wasn’t anything they could do about.

I am looking forward to going back again to sell some of my clothes I’m not wearing and to have Sandii pick out some new ones for me. I definitely want to try out the stylist service when I have a specific need, like a vacation. That means I have to plan a vacation first right? I guess I better get on that.

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  1. Alison says:

    This is really interesting, glad to hear about your good experience! I checked it out myself last week (after hearing good things from Katy, Cecile, etc) and my experience was so-so, but I feel like it is one of those places you have try a couple of times.

    I went for the primary purpose of selling, and they didn’t buy as much of my stuff as I hoped (which I totally understand, they know their customers and maybe they just didn’t need what I was selling). But then they told me they really wanted to buy a Kate Spade bag I was trying to sell but (for vague reasons) felt like it might be a fake. Logically, I am sympathetic because I’m sure a lot of people try to sell fakes…but it was hard not to feel a little insulted. I just would NEVER carry a fake, much less sell one!

    I definitely want to go back again as a shopper, I feel like I would enjoy that more. I put myself on a self-imposed shopping freeze for January (because December was “buy all the things” month, apparently), but I did spot a couple of cute tops that would tempt me under different circumstances. And the things they pulled for you are great! Love all the skirts and the black dress and the mint shorts.

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