ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail

I love enjoying special themed cocktails during the holidays. It seems like every restaurant or bar you walk into during December has a special drink that grabs your attention. Only problem is that after a couple of stops those attention grabbers start to make a dent in your wallet. That’s why I like coming up with cocktail recipes that I can make at home.

This particular cocktail can be made by the pitcher which is great for holiday parties, Christmas dinner, or just after a long day at work (who says you have to share?). I made this drink martini style, but it could also be enjoyed frozen or just served in a festive martini glass. In Florida there is a good chance it will be warm on Christmas, so a frozen drink might be the perfect addition to your holiday meal.

Another great thing about this cocktail is that its dairy free. So many martinis are dairy based and after two you really start to feel them. Being lactose intolerant I usually can’t get past one before I get a tummy ache. By using coconut milk you are able to get that milky taste without the milky side effects.

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious


Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen Santa’s White Christmas – 1 BREWSTICK to make a cup of coffee or 1 cup of coffee from a pot

1/2 cup So Delicious Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk

2 oz Whipped Cream Vodka

2 oz Peppermint Schnapps


Whipped Cream (optional)

Dark chocolate covered mint marshmallows (optional)

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious

When making drinks two of my favorite tools are my penguin shaker (cause he’s super cute AND useful) and this nifty measuring cup. What is so nifty about it you ask? Well it holds 2 ounces and you can see the the measurements while looking at from the top. That means not having to squat down and look at the tiny thing from the side. Definitely makes life easier.

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious

Combine 1/2 cup coffee with remaining ingredients (except for the whipped cream) in a shaker with ice.

If you want to make this a frozen drink, add liquid to 2 cups of ice in a blender. Blend until you get the desired consistency.

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious

Poor into a martini glass and top with whipped cream (optional). If you really want to go all out, cut a dark chocolate covered mint marshmallow in half and stick it on the side of your glass.

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious

Makes 2 drinks.

ChocoMint Coffee Cocktail Barnies So Delicious


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