Runner’s Low

This weekend has sucked.

There is no way around it. No use sugar coating it either. This weekend has just plain sucked! Why? Well I was supposed to be in Tampa running the Gasparilla 8k. But due to my gluteus tendinitis (a REAL pain in my ass. har har.) I spent the weekend at home instead. I knew not running was the best decision for my body, but it didn’t make it any easier.

It didn’t help that along with 4 Gasparilla races this weekend in Tampa there were also 3 races out at Disney this weekend. REALLY?! Sigh. So this weekend Facebook and Instagram were filled with pictures and updates from my friends running all the various races. Don’t get my wrong, I LOVE seeing my friends races updates and reading about their adventure, but it is HARD at the same time.

Yesterday morning I avoided Facebook and Instagram. I just didn’t want to start my day in any more of a funk. I went out and distracted myself for most of the day. Unfortunately by the end of the day my hip was really bothering me and it was harder to avoid all the updates. When you are glued to the couch you can only go so long before you end up checking out Facebook and Instagram.

Ugh, it is just frustrating you know? I LOVE running. I LOVE races. And I’m missing it all. I’m really hoping that I can at least do the 5k race at BDR this coming weekend, but I’m just not sure if that is going to happen. I’m taking care of myself and doing the hip exercises/stretches that I need to be doing, so we shall see.

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