Run Like A Fox 5k

One thing that the Fit2Run Ambassadors do, in addition to our regular duties, is get together once a month and run. This month we had planned to get together on the first Saturday of the month. One of our ambassadors found out about a fundraising 5k that was the same day we planned to meet and was only $10, so we decided to do that instead. As a group we all signed up for the Run Like a Fox 5k for Parkinson’s Research.  100% of proceeds went to Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research, the grass-roots fundraising arm of The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Fit2Run ended up being one of the sponsors for this race, so we all met up at their tent before the race for a group picture. 30 of us showed up for the race! That means that the Fit2Run ambassadors brought in $300 for Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research. How cool is that?

The race was in Baldwin Park and went around Lake Baldwin. They added a little extra since the loop isn’t a full 5k, but unfortunately it was still a bit short. No worries though, it was plenty hot and I had NO problem cutting my run a little short. Plus this was a race JUST for charity. I would have been okay regardless of the advertised distance.

One of the neat things they had there was a Delorean. You know, the car Marty McFly used to go Back to the Future. You could have your picture taken outside the car or for a $5 (or more) you could get IN the car and have your picture taken. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cash on me so we had to just go with an outside the car photo.

The race was a fun way to start the weekend and left me feeling good. I felt good that I got out there and ran and I felt good that I contributed to a worthy cause. Its nice knowing that ALL the money from the race entry was going to the charity instead of just a small portion.

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