Race #5 of 2016: Quack Attack 5k – Orlando, FL

This weekend I participated in the Quack Attack on Poverty 5k presented by The Orlando Solar Bears. This one-of-a-kind run/walk benefits United Against Poverty, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and empower people living in poverty to lift themselves and their families to economic self-sufficiency.

Race #5 of 2016: Quack Attack 5k - Orlando, FL

We had so much fun! The whole event is rubber ducky themed and you get a rubber ducky pool float with your registration. The idea is everyone runs the 5k wearing the rubber ducky float. The ducky float wasn’t the easiest thing to run in, but it was super cute and fun.

Race #5 of 2016: Quack Attack 5k - Orlando, FL

The race was sponsored by the Orlando Solar bears, so in addition to helping out with the race they also gave everyone tickets to a Solar Bears game over the weekend. We even got to have our picture taken with Shades!

Race #5 of 2016: Quack Attack 5k - Orlando, FL

In addition to raising money through race registrations people were able to raise additional fund on their own or with a team. The individuals and teams raised an additional $17,984 – how great is that!

Race #5 of 2016: Quack Attack 5k - Orlando, FL

This event was a great way to start the weekend. I loved being able to participate in a race that was fun and benefited a great cause. I will definitely be participating again next year!

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  1. Bain says:

    I love the ducky floats! I can see how maybe they are a little weird to run in, but I bet the pictures of everyone in their little duckies were awesome!

  2. Wayne says:

    I would love to get one or two of those duck swim rings if someone wouldn’t mind sending me one or two, or so. It would be much appreciated.

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