Pepper Pause: Holiday Doggie Gift Tags

Pepper Pause

Psst, Pepper here. Dont tell my mom but i totally logged into her blog while she was in the shower. tee hee. this is why you are supposed to use the password protection momma. but i had a good reason i swears.

my auntie laura made these super cute doggie gift tags with MEEEEEEEEEEE on them for mom to use for christmas, but i wanted everyone to be able to use them. christmas is about giving right?

FREE Puppy Holiday Gift Tags


so guess what? i asked auntie laura how to use the computer so that I could share them with you. each sheet has 6 tags on it. you just have to download the pdf and print them. to download the pdf, just click on the download button below. id tell you how to print them but auntie laura didnt explain how to use the printer.


i hope you enjoy these doggie gift tags. make sure to share the link with your friends just in case mom friends out and takes this down. but shes a pretty nice lady, so she probably wont. happy holidayz!

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