Orange you glad I got a Divorce?!

I got to spend this past weekend with Laura. It was our first “post-wedding” weekend and it was a blast. Saturday morning I went and ran a 5k race, but once I got back it was all about girlie time. We hit up some thrift stores, had ice cream for lunch, and went to see Bridesmaids (we even wore our MOH and Bride tshirts from her wedding). We had dinner with her hubby and then headed back to her house for a little “Orange you glad I got a divorce” party… just the two of us 🙂 I’d originally planned on having a BIG OYGIGAD party, but between not having a job and having a small apartment it just didn’t happen. So Laura decided that we’d have a little party just the two of us. She went ALL out!

Orange, orange, orange!

She made orange decorations, decorated me an orange tiara, got orange gifties and orange snacks, and I even got leid! We stopped while we were out to get some alcohol and soda, so even my drink for the evening was orange. To top it off she made orange velvet cupcakes with an orange creamsicle frosting. Oh. Em. Gee. So delish! You can check out her blog, The Green Scene, for details on how to make some of the projects she did for the party.

Thanks Laura for an amazing weekend and a fabulous celebration!



















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  1. Laura M says:

    Glad you enjoyed! It was a CRAZY weekend! I’m glad there was enough cupcakes leftover so we could both enjoy some deliciousness this week!

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