November? Really?

I cannot believe that we are all ready 5 days into November. October was just a great big blur!

I started out the month helping a friend with some REALLY hard stuff that she was going through and getting the keys to my new place. I spent the next two weekends painting (with my mom’s help), installing a gate (with my dad’s help), making numerous trips back and forth between my apartment and the new place, and unpacking countless boxes.

October 18th I officially moved into the new place when the moving company moved my furniture and the last of my boxes over. It was SO nice to finally be moved into the new place. My mom came over that weekend and we moved furniture, shopped, put together furniture, hung pictures, and unpacked. I really don’t know how I would have gotten through the move without my parents.

The weekend after my big move I was back home for my cousin’s baby shower that I was co-hosting. After making 6 dozen cupcakes I headed over to my mom’s to finish up the cupcakes and spend some “non-working” time with her. The shower was great but I was running on empty by the time I returned.

I planned to spend the first weekend of November at my house doing whatever I wanted. No such luck. I ended up back home to help my mom finish up some things at her new house so that she can get it sold. It was only fair that I helped her after all the help she gave me. We did have time to squeeze in a little fun (like going to see my cousin’s two day old baby girl) and I headed home early Sunday morning. I spent the day trying to finish up some organizing/unpacking and putting another coat on the dining room table that I’m redoing. I think I made a trip to Target and did some laundry in there too.

This weekend I will NOT be leaving Orlando. The only thing officially on my schedule is to take Christmas photos of my friend’s adorable family on Sunday, which I really am looking forward to. Other than that I plan to spend a lot of time at home, possibly doing nothing at all. I do know that I need to start thinking about the holidays. Thanksgiving is barely 2 weeks away and that means Christmas is barely 6 weeks away. How is that even possibly? I’ve barely even thought about Christmas shopping let alone done much Christmas shopping. I really miss those years where I had all my gifts bought and wrapped before Thanksgiving.

With December just around the corner I need to start thinking about my December Photo A Day project. I had some ideas for this year’s album while I was unpacking the last of the stuff in my craft room, so maybe I’ll try and get working on that this weekend. I keep seeing other people’s blog posts about their December Photo A Day project albums and it is really getting me in the mood to be crafty. Now we just have to see if it actually happens 🙂

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