New Approach to Running – Week 2

So today was the end of Week 2…

  • I did all 6 days of the training plan and I’m still alive to speak of it. Even though the minutes increased, I think it was easier than last week.
  • I completed 9.48 miles!
  • I didn’t lose any more weight this week, but I didn’t gain any either. So I’m quite happy with that.
  • I did one of my run/walk days along the lake with the pup since the weather was so nice. BAD idea! Usually she is fine, but I guess the nice weather got her a bit feisty and she was a bit hard to handle. I ended up walking the second half just so that she didn’t run me into a tree or something.
  • I changed up the plan a little bit (as a whole). There are a couple weeks where you back track with the number of minutes you run or walk. With two 1/2 marathons on the horizon I figured that I needed to keep moving forward, so I just took those weeks out. I also added on weeks from another program in the book to take me through the Princess 1/2 in February. I even factored in the days around holidays when I KNOW I won’t be running.
  • I realized that I need to buy more running socks. I may have to do that today.
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