My runners wishlist

Many of the running bloggers that I follow have been doing posts with runners wish list items. Other than my Nike+ sportband, I don’t have many “go to” items that I use during running or training. So I decided to do a post of all the things I’d LIKE to have. These are all currently on my Amazon Wish List if anyone wants to send me a Christmas gift 😉 (totally just kidding here)

Sony Walkman MP3 Player

Megan over at I Run For Wine posted about these and now I am in love. I love listening to music when I run, but I HATE headphones with cords. I can’t ever figure out what to do with them to keep the cord out of my way. But with these I wouldn’t have to! Only downside is she said the battery only lasts about an hour. That would get me through a 5k and MAYBE a 10k, but I’d be out of lucky for a 1/2 marathon. But at least its a start right?

Armband for my Samsung Galaxy S2

Since I can listen to music, track my run with the Nike+ app, and take calls with my Samsung Galaxy S2 I tend to take it with me on my runs now. Unfortunately the only thing I have to carry it in is my hand, which really doesn’t work out so well… especially if its super hot and/or raining. So I really need something like this to keep my phone out of my hand and safe while I run.

Woman Woman Shirt with Cape & Cape Socks

Yes please! Do these even need an explanation? I love races where I have the opportunity to dress up and what would be better than to dress up like Wonder Woman?! I mean the shirt AND the socks have capes! Freaking capes!

Nike Dri-Fit My Feet Hurt From Kicking So Much Ass Tee Shirt

I need motivation when I run. And I’ve noticed that people tend to cheer you on when there is something about you that stands out. A funny costume, a hot pink tutu, or a funny shirt. I think that this shirt would make me feel good just wearing it and it might also get me a couple of cheers from the side of the course as well. Plus I think it would help my family and friends see me when I go zooming by them. Just kidding. I don’t zoom.

Scunci No-slip Grip Evoluntion Jelly Ponytailers

When Meghann from Meals and Miles (yup, I follow TWO Megan/Meghann runners) posted about these hairbands I was intrigued. Even though I have thin hair, I have A LOT of it. When I run my hairbands always seem to slide out and I’m stuck running down the road trying to get my hair back up. Really the worst is trying to do that on a treadmill. You feel like at any moment you are going to faceplant and fly off the back of the treadmill. Scary stuff. At this point I’d be willing to try just about anything to keep my hair in place while I run.

So there ya have it, a couple things I would like to had to my ever growing stash of running gear. I wonder which thing I’d add first.

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