My First Week of Self-Employment

*laughs uncontrollably*

Could I have picked a worse week to start my self-employment adventure? Holy heck! So what all has been going on? Let’s see. In the last 8 days…

I’ve started working for myself.
My mom had major back surgery.
I spent a week at my mom’s house taking care of her.
FLBlogCon date was announced (tickets go on sale tomorrow).
Oh, and then there was that whole Coronavirus thing.

My First Week of Self-Employment

I spent last week trying to work, along with spending time at the hospital, taking care of my mom when she got home, making sure she had all the supplies she needed, making sure I had everything I needed, playing with the puppies, and just trying to stay calm. I did pretty well for the most part. On Sunday I handed over the reins to my dad and headed back to my house in Orlando.

My First Week of Self-Employment

I used Sunday to catch up on some stuff around my house, make a run to Target, relax a little, and catch up on sleep. Monday started off with laundry, work, and a conference call. Let me tell you that spending an hour plus talking about how to handle our clients and coronavirus was a little nerve-racking. I hadn’t really gotten nervous about things until this morning. After the call, I made a run to Aldi and got the last few things that I felt like I needed. Then spent the afternoon working on client and FLBlogCon stuff. It was a BUSY, but productive, way to start the week.

My First Week of Self-Employment

Right now I’m trying not to overthink things and remind myself that I’m lucky I can work from home and that eventually this will be over and life can get back to normal. In the meantime, I will work, do things around the house, and take advantage of this whole social distancing thing.

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