Meghan. Must. Run.

Or walk.

For the second morning in a row I woke up wanting to run. It happened yesterday, but once I got out of bed I realized I was too sore to even go to work let alone hit the treadmill. When I got up this morning I wanted to run again… but at least today I felt a bit better. So I threw on my running shoes and hit the treadmill. After about a minute of walking I REALLY wanted to run… that lasted all of about 54 seconds. My legs just weren’t ready for it. I only ended up doing about 0.65 miles, but then I did a mile on the bike. It wasn’t great but at least I got out there and moved some this morning. Hopefully I can swing it again tomorrow before work.

Ever since I got home from Savannah I’ve been thinking about my 2012 race schedule. I all have the Disney’s Princess 1/2 Marathon scheduled (and paid for) for February, but I want to do a fall 1/2 marathon. As much as I loved the Savannah race I didn’t really like having to pack to run a race. I spent so much time the few days before leave freaking out that I would forget something important. Like my shoes. It was just added stress that I really didn’t want a need. So I’m trying to find something local/semi-local for the fall. I’d even be okay with something that I’d have to drive to, as long as I didn’t have to leave the state and could go there like the day before. So far I have a couple options…

  • The OUC 1/2 marathon here in Orlando – Its close, no travel required, and it’s on a Saturday (in December) which means I could probably not miss any work.
  • The Daytona Beach 1/2 marathon – It’s close, I could stay with my mom, and the first 2 miles are around the track at the speedway. Downside is its a Sunday (in October) and the course doesn’t seem overly exciting.
  • The Iron Girl 1/2 Marathon in Clearwater – It’s relatively close, I could stay with Laura, and I’ve always thought an Iron Girl race would be fun. Downside is its a Saturday AND it’s in April. That means either two 1/2 marathons in two months, or holding off until 2013 to do it. But I’ve all ready got my heart set on the Gasparilla 1/2 marathon in March of 2012.
Do you see why this is difficult? Maybe one of my running buddies will call me up and make a suggestion and then I won’t have to think so hard. Until then I’ll keep bookmarking things and hope I figure something out. I still have time right?
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  1. Jenina says:

    I’ve only done local races and they are so easy, so I can’t imagine having to pack to do a run. What if it’s raining, what if it’s colder than expected.. etc etc, I can only imagine how much more stress that could cause. Go for something close! That way it will just feel like another day run.

    • Meghan says:

      A lot of people had the “what if it’s colder than expected” problem in Savannah – it was unseasonable cold this weekend!

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