I took a risk!

Yesterday I read a post by one of my favorite bloggers about BlogHer where she talked about what she took away from the conference. One of the 5 things she listed was “Take Risks.” I do that sometimes. Right now I take risks every time I post about my online dating experience or dating in general. It is hard to put it all out there. Dating is relatively new (again) to me, so I’m still not sure how it all goes. So posting about it is just as new.

That being said, I took a risk this weekend. A fairly big one in my opinion since I HATE rejection of any sort (I mean really, who ENJOYS rejection?). A friend of mine that I met through work had mentioned a few months back how she would LOVE to set me up with her son. At the time I was dating someone and told her so. She kinda gave me a smurk and told me to let her know if that changed. One weekend after I’d broken up with said someone I was talking to her and her son was actually around, she pointed him out to me but I didn’t exactly volunteer the information that I was once again single. What can I say, I’m a chickenshit.

Fast forward to this past Saturday…

This same friend had a party for a new endeavor that she is embarking on and of course her son was there. I took a friend along and we had a nice time checking things out and eating cookies (SO MANY COOKIES). Right before we left I pointed him out to her and gave her the back story. She said “You should totally hit that.” I about died laughing right then and there. And she said it with a straight face to boot. I of course was hot and sweaty and he was busy talking to people, so I used that as an excuse not to talk to him. I know, lame.

Later that day I kept replaying her saying “You should totally hit that!” and was beating myself up over not actually talking to him. So finally I sat down at the computer and decided to send him a message on Facebook. It was worth a shot right? I told him how I knew his mom, that she had mentioned how she thought we would get along, and that I would have talked to him if he hadn’t been so busy at the party. And then I waited. And waited some more. I knew that he probably wouldn’t respond right away, or even that night, but it didn’t stop me from checking Facebook every 15 minutes.

But he finally did reply on Sunday and his message started with “Hey there! You could have talked to me, I don’t bite I promise. ” Tee hee. He has a sense of humor AND he didn’t just blow me off as some freak. Score one for Meghan!

So we’ll see what happens. Of course here am I presented with another boy with a WHOLE lot on his plate, but at least he has goals and ambition. And who knows if he is even interested in anything other than being nice and polite to a girl who knows his mom. He could have a girlfriend I don’t know about since I hadn’t talked to his mom in a few weeks. Or maybe he’s decided no girls for 2012. Or maybe he smells REALLY bad. Who knows! But at least I took the risk right? You never know until you try.

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