Halloween Postcards

Both of the downstairs bathrooms in my townhouse have a vintage Florida theme. It all started with an old sign from a bathhouse in Daytona Beach. Each of the bathrooms has a collection of vintage Florida postcards. Some of the postcards came from my mom and others I have purchased from various thrift stores and vintage shops.


As I was putting up my Halloween decorations I was trying to figure out how to add decorations to the bathrooms (I know, I’m crazy). I was standing in the half bathroom about a week ago when I had an idea – I could replace the vintage Florida postcards with some vintage Halloween postcards. I did a search online and found a website that has free vintage Halloween postcard images. Score! I printed out a couple of them, added them to the frames, and within about 5 minutes had some pretty fabulous Halloween wall art for the bathroom.


My plan is to try and find some actual vintage Halloween postcards for next year. I love the fact that people used to send out postcards at Halloween. I’m interested to see what people wrote on the back of them.

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