Gratitude Day 6 ~ Nice Surprises

It could be a simple as making all the lights on your way to work or finding an extra $5 in your pocket. It could be rediscovering a long lost friend on facebook or finding out that you are pregnant after trying for a long time.

Nice surprises have the opportunity to wake us up to happiness and give us a moment’s pause. Just like gratitude.

My nice surprise for this morning is AWESOME, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture. And it’s actually TWO nice surprises. Last night I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to visit a certain boy on his birthday. While I was waiting for a chance to say hi, I look over and see Darcy Miller. Darcy is the editorial director for Martha Stewart Weddings. I’ve seen her on a Martha’s show a bunch of times. I would have talked to her, but she was with her family and I didn’t want to bother her.

The 2nd surprise was when I went outside. There are savannahs out behind the lodge where there are animals and such, but it was nighttime so there wasn’t much to see. But there was a big fire going out there. And since it was cold, I decided to go out there. Once I got out there one of two Disney employees asked me if I wanted to use the night vision to watch the zebras. WHAT?!? Of course I do. So I got to use this super fancy night vision scope to watch the zebras eat. Whats even cooler is that this usually doesn’t happen there. The Lodge has 2 separate hotels and they usually only do the night vision stuff at the other one. But last night, these 2 particular cast members were the animal caretakers for the evening. They decided to come over form the park to surprise any guests (or Meghans) that were brave enough to come out into the cold. So freaking cool!


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