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This past weekend I got the chance to tour Give Kids The World Village and learn all about what they do (you can read all about it here!). Now that I’ve learned more about the organization, I want to help out in anyway I can. So now I am an Awareness Angel!

What does it mean to be an Awareness Angel?

Give Kids The World Village is a storybook resort that hosts children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Most people hear about the Village when a friend or loved one needs their support or has been a guest. Sadly, there are folks who have never heard of GKTW. That’s where “Awareness Angels” step in.

Websites and blog pages with the Awareness Angels banner represent numerous supporters who have visited the Village or help spread the word across cyber-space about the myriad of services that Give Kids The World provides. Awareness Angels encourage others to take part in GKTW activities and work hard to  promote, share and increase awareness for GKTW through social media and online outlets. Some live too far away to volunteer in person, so they volunteer “virtually” by publicizing volunteer opportunities. Others do a little of each: volunteering in person while urging others to join in. No matter how they participate, Awareness Angels are champions for Give Kids The World and are some of our strongest supporters in the online community.

If you see an Awareness Angels banner on your favorite website, look up their posts on involvement, follow their social media channels and feel free to give a shout out for their participation in this worthwhile endeavor. And, of course, join in! For more information on our Awareness Angels program, please click here.

In addition to spreading the word about GKTW, I also plan to volunteer this year (I’ve already joined a group) and host a fundraiser (more on that soon!).

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