Filling The Void

Since I have so much time on my hands these days I thought I’d fill it with crafty projects that I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. I went through the closet in my craft room this afternoon and came across a t-shirt and iron-on letters that I got like over a year ago to make a shirt for myself. So I decided to work on that shirt. Well… I decided that I wasn’t too excited with the shirt I had bought, but had a tank top that would work perfectly for the project I had in mind.

*Note: The shirt I made has a bad word on it 🙂

Oh yes, I am THE crafty bitch and now I have a shirt that says so!

I also bought a tiny pink & white onesie for a friend that recently found out that she is having a baby girl (I even bought tiny matching socks!). I wanted to add something to it and suddenly it hit me – I had leftover iron-on letters that I could use on it. And it turned out adorable 🙂

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