Easy Peasy Smoothie

At the beginning of the year I decided to start making smoothies for breakfast. It was something I could throw together in the morning and just take with me. I started out doing mostly fruit smoothies and then I found one on line with oats in it. Interesting. So I started thinking about what I could do with oats. LIGHT BULB! Overnight oats would be perfect! I threw a couple things together in the blender and it was heavenly.

1 banana

1 batch of overnight oats (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 silk almond milk, 1/3 yogurt, & pumpkin pie spice)

Big spoon full of peanut butter

Crushed ice

Splash of silk/milk if needed

Oh. My. Yum. I am totally in love with this smoothie. It is fairly good for me and filling. Plus, it gives me a little sweet kick to start my day. Keeps me from wanting chocolate by like 10 am. Now I just need to figure out some more tasty combinations that I can throw in my blender.



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