Crafty Crusade – Part 1

There is a certain manufacturer that I love that I’ve always wanted to be on the design team for. But their design team has always been handpicked. So imagine my shock and surprise when I found out that they would be having an open call for their design team for the next year. WOO HOO! So since I’ve had a bit more free time on my hands, I’ve used it to work on the 3 projects that were required to apply for the DT. It would have been all well and good if you just had to design 3 projects, but oh no, that’s not enough. For one you had to design a projects and do  step-by-step instructions with pictures. For another you had to do a project with a unique and innovative tool use. And one where you had to write an article about the creation of, story behind, or importance of another projects. Holy cow!

Now that I’ve turned all of these projects in and have to wait patiently (HA HA) for them to make their decision, I thought I would share the projects. I am sharing my projects along with whatever was required for the DT (instructions, story, or description) so it’s not just pictures. Today I will share Part 1 of my application.

Part 1: Will Run For Cupcakes Bib Holder

No, not that kind of bib – a racing bib! I started running back in November and in January I ran my first race. Well I walked most of it, but that’s not the point. Since then I’ve completed another 4 races, one of which was a ½ marathon. I save my racing bibs from each race – you know, those wonderfully bright and obnoxious numbers that they make runners pin to the front of themselves for all to see. I wanted something to display them in so I headed to the craft cave and started to think about what to make. I picked up a headband at the ½ marathon that says “Will Run for Cupcakes.” Its so true! I love cupcakes and I love running, so running with the promise of cupcakes is even better. So I grabbed some cardboard, cardstock, a sheet of cupcake paper, my Fiskars cupcake border punch, and a couple other punches and went to town.

  1. Cut cardboard into two 6”x8” rectangles to use as the front and back covers.
  2. Cut patterned paper into two 6”x8” rectangles to cover the front and back covers.
  3. Attach patterned paper to the front and back covers
  4. Use a corner rounder to round the bottom two corners on the front and back covers.
  5. Using a race bib as a template, punch two holes in the top of each cover.
  6. Cut one 5.5”x7.5” piece of a coordinating cardstock for each race bib that you wish to put in the holder.
    1. Feel free to decorate each page however you wish. I added some embellishments along with a tag to add some details about each race.
  1. Use a corner rounder to round the bottom two corners of each piece of cardstock
  2. Using the front cover as a template, punch two holes in the top of each piece of cardstock.
  3. Using the Fiskars cupcake border punch, make a border for the front cover. Using your favorite Fiskars border punch, but another border in a coordinating color to go behind the cupcake border.
  4. You may need to round the corners on the border before you attach it to the cover. It all depends on how thick of paper will fit in your punch. So make sure to check this before you adhere the border to your cover.
  5. Attach the border to the bottom edge of the cover and round the corners.
  6. You can decorate your front cover however you would like. I used thickers to add “Will Run 4” and used my Fiskars cupcake shape template to make a cupcake.
  7. Use Jump rings to put your bib holder together. Don’t forget to add the bibs in between the dividers!
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