CMYE: Thirty Topher

Last week was the first CMYE (Community Manager Yelp Event) of the year. It was our (the Yelp community) first chance to officially meet our new Community Manager who started at the beginning of the month. The event was held at The Thirsty Topher. They are located in Ivanhoe Village and I would NEVER have known this place was there if it weren’t for this Yelp event.


They are tucked away and don’t have a lot of signage, but the owners say that was intentional. They didn’t want to grow too big too fast and lose the charm of a small place. And it is small. There is a nice seating area outside, a few tables inside, and a fairly large bar. Cool fact – the bar is made from ONE huge piece of wood that is over 1200 years old. Neat huh?


They have a pretty good beer menu with plenty of bottled beer and a rotating selection of draft beers. They have a few wines on the menu too if beer isn’t your thing. They don’t serve food, but on certain nights they do have a food truck parked out front. During our event the Sushi & Seoul on the Roll truck was there. We got to try their famous Avocado fries and let me tell you they were delicious! I LOVE avocado and I never would have thought to try it. They are served with 3 dipping sauces but be careful because one was SUPER hot.


The first beer I tried was the Woodchuck Barrel Select. Yum! The description from their website says it all: “This ultra-limited cider manages to combine the sweet and crisp taste of apple cider with smoky and dry flavors of Kentucky Bourbon.” 


After that I decided to go a little more low key and tried the Sprecher Orange Dream Gourment Soda. It was like a creamsicle in liquid form. It was amazing! It would have been fun if it was alcoholic, but I enjoyed it anyway.


One of my friends tried the Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer. This soda was in fact alcoholic! And it was delish! The biggest problem with this was it barely tasted like it had any alcohol in it. Yes the alcohol content is fairly low, but it would be REALLY easy to accidentally get yourself in some trouble with this stuff.


I’m not a huge beer person but I would go back just because it was a great place to hang out. It would be a great place for a girls night out or group get together where you could actually hear each other talk. There was a good amount of parking, but be warned that you could easily drive by and not notice it. We were lucky that there were bright red Yelp balloons to help us find it last night.

Thanks to The Thirsty Topher for letting us crazy Yelpers invade your space for the evening! I will definitely be back.

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