Change of Location

When I got home from work today I was frustrated. I hate driving as it is, but this afternoon everyone was trying to kill me on my way home. I couldn’t figure out if I just needed to chill for a bit or throw on my running shoes and get moving right away. When I got home I was so hot that I just HAD to get out of my work clothes and it just seemed silly to change twice, so I put on my running clothes. After I fed the dog and let her out I was calm enough that I decided that running was the next order of business. I headed up to the gym here at my apartment complex and both treadmills were occupied. DANG IT! By this point I was determined to run and I knew if I went home that I wouldn’t go back out again. So I hoped in the car and went down to the lake.









The riverwalk is 1.5 miles long, so its 3 miles up and back. I had every intention of going for the whole 3 miles, but with it still feeling like 98 degrees at 5 pm it was NOT going to happen. But I got out there and I ran. That is what really matter!

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  1. sharonb0087 says:

    was intrigued by your goal of 300 miles in 2011 – what a great way of setting a goal, seen so many (my own included) over certain race distances but never in terms that are so much more achievable. May borrow that to help motivate myself, if you don’t mind!

    and great photo – if I had a scene like that to run alongside I’d need no motivation to get out (though the temperature sounds like torture, maybe the cold of the UK has some benefits!!)

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