Blogger Baby Shower

I’ve recently started reading Meals and Miles (found it through another friend) since I enjoy reading running blogs. It helps that the author of this blog shares my name – Meghann 🙂

I saw her post yesterday about the Blogger Baby Shower and knew that I wanted to share it with my many (two?) readers.

Here is the details about the Blogger Baby Shower straight from Meghann’s blog:

Blogger Baby Shower

When my Mom was a little girl something very sad happened to her hometown. A series of tornadoes came through Huntsville, Alabama and destroyed everything in their path; including the trailer she called home.

My Mom was one of the lucky ones. My Grandfather had caught wind of a severe weather alert approaching the area. Instead of riding it out at home, he packed up my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle and headed to the hospital across town where my Grandmother worked. When the tornadoes came the only thing my Mom could remember was being thrown to the bottom of a bathroom floor. She laid safely underneath a dozen or so other women bracing for impact, while her childhood neighborhood was carried away in the wind.

When they returned home that evening the surrounding trailers were gone. Though un-liveable, their’s was the only one that remained having been bolted down by a collapsed tree that fell on top of it. If my grandfather hadn’t been quick to get out of the area, who knows if any of them would have survived.

My Mom’s story may have what appears to be a happy ending (they did all survive), but it was only the beginning. With the story of how the tornadoes wrecked her home, also came the stories of survival that followed. Those are the real stories of miracles.

A few weeks ago a series of tornadoes struck Alabama again, only this time they claimed Tuscaloosa as it’s victim. Hundreds were killed, homes were destroyed, and thousands of families were left to pick up the pieces of their lives.

Callie’s sister calls Tuscaloosa home and though a few news organizations have already moved on to other breaking news stories, she’s still there volunteering at a local church and helping the families fight to rebuild. She sees that the fight isn’t over yet and those families need our help.

Her biggest discovery was one of the greatest needs they have are baby items – simple things like diapers, formula and onesies.

That’s why a few other bloggers and I (including Callie) have come together to organize a Blogger Baby Shower to benefit the victims of the Tuscaloosa Tornadoes.

How does it work? Simply visit the Baby Registry we have set up on – we have registered for diapers, formula, onesies, etc. The name is registered as “Tuscaloosa Tornado”.

Prices start at just $8.99 so there is something for every budget. Just purchase the item on the registry and it will be shipped directly to the church in Tuscaloosa that can get the items to the people who need it most.

Of course, No baby shower is complete without the opportunity to win a prize. As a little extra incentive to help out, everyone who purchases an item off the registry will be automatically entered to win a $50 HomeGoods gift certificate from The Inspired Housewife or a $25 gift certificate from At The Picket Fence. (Amazon keeps track of everyone who makes a purchase from the registry and we will randomly select the winners from that list).

I thought this idea of Callie’s was brilliant because you know the supplies are going directly to those in need. There is no middle man.

My Mom survived the tornado aftermath thanks to the kindness of strangers. It didn’t happen overnight, but her family did rebuild. I want to pass on that same kindness my Mom received so many years ago. Surviving the tornado is step one, surviving the aftermath is the true survival story.

Alright friends, let’s get donating!

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