BlogFete 2015 Recap

Until last year I had never been to a blogger conference. I went to FLBlogCon and LOVED it! As soon as tickets went on sale for this year’s event I bought one. Unfortunately there was a big work event scheduled for the same weekend and I had to sell my ticket.

Since I couldn’t attend FLBlogCon I decided to take some of the money I’d made from the blog, which isn’t much at all, and put it towards another blogger conference – BlogFete. BlogFete was designed to motivate, educate and connect a phenomenal group of bloggers. The BlogFete team and attendees are a highly influential group of creatives coming together to connect, gain insight on current trends, review successful business models and be informed on companies and organizations we can work alongside. Sounds pretty awesome huh?

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

BlogFete was a very small event with only 22 ladies in attendance. I wasn’t quite suite how I was going to feel about that after my first blogger conference experience (LOTS OF PEOPLE), but it was pretty great. After an inspiring keynote speech by Brandi of Alexis June Weddings, we got the day started with a couple of round table discussions. There were a few to choose from before lunch and then a couple after. It was really neat to be able to sit down with some like-minded ladies and talk about the ins and outs of blogging.

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

Throughout the day we were treated to amazing food, great conversation, and even some professional headshots from Brandi of Alexis June Weddings. I wasn’t even sure I was going to get them done because I just wasn’t feeling photo ready that day, but I am sure glad I did. She got some great shots of me that I absolutely love.

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

The afternoon consisted of another set of round table discussions and a super fun craft hour with Sarah from Sarah Hearts. Sarah had just moved to LA a couple weeks before but still came back to join in the fun. In addition to hosting the craft hour she also hosted a round table (which I attended).

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

As if round tables, head shots, yummy food, craft hour, and new friends wasn’t enough we were treated to an AMAZING sit down dinner party hosted by Paper Goat Post. Paper Goat Post is this great new shop here in Orlando that you just have to check out. They have so many cute things!

Blog Fete 2015 Recap

Ending the day with an amazing dinner was just the icing on the cake. It gave us all a chance to reflect on the things we learned and the connections and friendships we made. Thanks to Melissa from Melissa Creates for hosting such a creative and fun event!



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  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the fabulous write up! I’m so excited you joined us this year and look forward to all the great things coming your way. Catch you at local events, friend! Xo

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