Birthday Weekend – Part 2

This weekend I headed over to Tampa to celebrate my birthday with my best and another friend who happens to have the same birthday as me. Saturday morning Laura and I got up and headed over to meet our friend for a day at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa. Oh. Em. Gee. We went there to take advantage of their Spacation package which included lunch, a 25 minute spa treatment, and access to their fitness facilities/spa/pool. Our plan was to take a yoga class, have lunch, enjoy our spa treatments, and have fruity drinks by the pool… that is exactly what we did 🙂

When you arrive to check in your are given your schedule for the day, given a robe (which you can wear everywhere, including lunch) and locker, and a tour of the facilities. We dumped our things in the locker and headed for our yoga class. The yoga class ended up being a little more advanced than we had anticipated, but we still enjoyed it. Although today my body is constantly reminding me how advanced the class was.

Lunch was AMAZING!! It included soup or salad, any entree off the menu, and a non-alcoholic drink. I started out with tasty salad and then moved on to the crab cakes. Oh my yum! And Laura surprised Dara (I all ready knew since we rode together) with birthday cupcakes, which the hotel very nicely stored for us and then plated.

After lunch we headed to our spa treatments (massages for Laura and I, and a facial for Dara). It was heavenly! Our next stop was the locker room for a quick change before heading to the pool for fruity drinks. It was REALLY hot, but it was fun enjoying some girl time by the pool.

It was so nice after our pool time to be able to go back to the locker room to shower and change for our evening plan. The locker rooms had EVERYTHING you could possibly need, including a speed drier for your bathing suit. I should have taken a picture of this contraption because it was pure craziness. You put your bathing suit inside and then held down the lid and the sucker just took off. It sounded like a plane taking off or something. But boy oh boy did it dry your suit well. If only I could have put my wet sandals in there.

We finished off our girls day with dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse (with of course some more alcoholic beverages) and a 7:30 showing of Magic Mike. Oh yes, I got to see very nice looking men dance around in next to nothing on a very large screen. It was the PERFECT way to end my second birthday weekend.

Thanks so much for Laura and Dara for an amazing day! I really think we need to make this an annual tradition 🙂

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