Best Damn Race Discount Code

Have you registered for Best Damn Race Orlando yet?

How about Best Damn Race Safety Harbor?

Well if haven’t, you are in luck because I have a discount code to share!

This discount code is good for $5 off ANY of the BDR Safety Harbor races (5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon) or BDR Orlando’s 1/2 marathon. Keep in mind that Safety Harbor is filling up fast, so you’ll want to get a move on registering for that one. Also, if you register for BDR Orlando (any distance) by November 11th you will get FREE race photos & video (a $59.99 value)! That means you get a $5 discount AND free race photos. How cool is that?

I’m thinking about planning a “Meghan Meetup” for after BDR for all my friends, family, and blog followers that end up participating. Doesn’t that sound fun?  Keep an eye out for details!

Use discount code MEGROTH to get your $5 off. 


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