Best Damn Race Discount Code

Have you registered for Best Damn Race Orlando yet?

How about Best Damn Race Safety Harbor?

Well if haven’t, you are in luck because I have a discount code to share!

This discount code is good for $5 off ANY of the BDR Safety Harbor races (5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon) or BDR Orlando’s 1/2 marathon. Keep in mind that Safety Harbor is filling up fast, so you’ll want to get a move on registering for that one. Also, if you register for BDR Orlando (any distance) by November 11th you will get FREE race photos & video (a $59.99 value)! That means you get a $5 discount AND free race photos. How cool is that?

I’m thinking about planning a “Meghan Meetup” for after BDR for all my friends, family, and blog followers that end up participating. Doesn’t that sound fun? ¬†Keep an eye out for details!

Use discount code MEGROTH to get your $5 off. 


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