Best Damn Race Cheer Squad

Bright and early on Sunday morning my best friend and I headed out to the Women’s Running 1/2 Marathon in St. Pete. We were there to be part of the Best Damn Race cheer squad. Boy did we have a lot of fun!

996047_10152034612485470_1731462480_nWe were at mile 1 and 7.5, so we got to see the runners 3 times. We yelled, we screamed, we whistled, we danced, we had silly signs, and we even had mostly naked swimmers from the University of Tampa. Our cheer stop was THE place to be.

It was so fun cheering on the runners! I’d never been a race spectator before, so it was a wonderful experience for me. People talk about how hard racing is, but so is spectating. We were out there at 6:30 am and stayed (on our feet) until 9:30 am when the last runners when by our station. My feet were killing me!

I loved getting to know my fellow BDR ambassadors better and it was so neat when runners would come by and yell “I’ll be there in February!” I guess a lot of people already know about Best Damn Race!

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