A painful week

I went to my mom’s this past weekend for my grandpa’s birthday dinner. I ended up heading over Saturday night so mom and I could hang out some. We went out for a little shopping and in the second store my back started hurting. Like really bad. And only a couple minutes ago I was in the car and fine. The rest of the weekend was spent with a heating pad on my back and taking pain relievers. After a few hours at work on Monday I knew I needed to go to the doctor. I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic doctor and after some x-rays, some poking, and some twisting this way and that, she told me what was up. A joint in my lower back slipped out of place. Great. I was prescribed some drugs, a bit of PT, and sent on my way. I wasn’t happy about what I learned, but at least I knew what was going on. All it took was turning the wrong way when I got out of the car to set all this in motion.

My week hasn’t really improved. I can’t really lift anything, which has made work a pain (literally). I’ve had to depend on other people to help me out and arrange for others to help on days when no one was around. I feel HORRIBLE asking people to do things for me that I can usually do on my own. I know I have a legitimate reason for needing help, but still. It has also been close to impossible to be comfortable at work. By lunch time everything is bothering me and then the car ride home at the end of the day doesn’t help. The last two days I’ve brought my heating pad to work, which helps a lot, but today I’m in a lot of pain. I’m not sleeping well (can’t get comfy), so I’m tired on top of everything else. Plus you add in the super big surprise that is going down this weekend (which I’ve had a bunch of stuff to do for) and it’s been a bit of a train wreck.

So here I am sitting on the couch, on my heating pad of course, and I just want to cry. I have a funny movie to watch, but I’m not sure how to get comfortable enough to face the tv. I just can’t seen to get comfortable enough for anything. Then you add in how being alone just makes everything worse and I’m a bit of a mess. At least when this first happened I was at my mom’s and had her around. But the rest of the week it has just been me. Yes my parents have both called and texted everyday to see how I am, but its just not the same. Coming home to an empty (people wise) apartment after a miserable day just sucks. Those times when you finally get comfy and then realize you really need a drink, but you have to get it yourself. Or just having someone to say “is there anything I can get you?” It is days like these when I don’t like living alone.

Okay, I think I’m done whining now. Fingers crossed that I start feeling better soon.

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