A Day in the Life

So I’ve seen some other bloggers do A Day in the Life posts, but until recently my job didn’t really make for much of an interesting day. Now that I’m settled into the new job I thought it would be fun to do because I ALWAYS feel like I’m busy. My work day is longer AND my commute is longer, so I’m gone from 7:20 am until after 5 pm every day, and thats just for work. So here goes nothing!

6:45 am – Alarm goes off, hit snooze

6:50 am – Alarm goes off again, actually get up (*please note that my clock is 7 minutes fast, so I’m actually up early)

6:55 am – Shower/brush teeth

7:05 – 7:20 am – Get dressed, feed the dog, let the dog out, grab food for work

7:21 am – Head to work

7:56 am – Arrive at work

8:00 am – Make breakfast & check email

A Day in the Life 2015

8:15 am – Check Foundation Twitter and Facebook accounts. See if I need to post or if I already have something scheduled. Hootsuite is my friend!

8:30 am – Update roster and create certificates for training seminar next week.

8:47 am – Work on updating contractor database for membership mailing at the end of the month.

9:30 am – Coffee time!

9:35 am – Back to updating the database

11:10 am – The mail is here and I received a couple silent auction items, so I have to spend some time processing those and updating my records. Sometimes being organized is a pain in the butt!

A Day in the Life 2015

11:35 am – Work on member mailings! The mail arrives around 10:30-11:00 and our CPA has to process the membership checks before the information makes it to me. This is one of my favorite parts of the day.

12:00 pm – Lunch! Most days I eat in the breakroom at work with my co-workers, but today I went to Joann Fabrics for a little shopping. I’m REALLY enjoying having a lunch break and being able to get out of the office for a bit.

1:00 pm – Check email to see what I missed while I was gone.

1:30 pm – Chat with someone from a company that provides travel experiences for silent auctions. Sounds kinda interesting…

4:30 pm – Leave work!

5:05 pm – Get home

5:10 pm – Feed the dog, let the dog out, change clothes, check traffic reports

5:30 pm – Get in the car and head out to West Elm near Mall at Millenia. Pray that the traffic reports are correct!

5:56 pm – Arrive at West Elm just in time for Meet + Make! Grab some tasty snacks to fuel the creativity.

Meet + Make March 2015

6:15 pm – Time to get crafty! We made handpainted glasses. It was a bit harder than I expected, but we had a great time.

Meet + Make March 2015

8:00 pm – Finish up Meet + Make and head to BJ’s Brewhouse to celebrate a friend’s birthday

Meet + Make March 2015

11:00 pm – Arrive home, change clothes, and go to bed!

This was an unusually long day for me, but still very similar to what most days look like. If I have after work plans it makes for a crazy busy, and long, day. I love my job and I love being busy, but its still taking some getting used to. The one thing I’ve learned these first 6 weeks at my new job is that I need to live closer to work. Having to drive 35-40 minutes home after work BEFORE going somewhere else is a big pain, especially if the place I’m going is back in the direction I just came from. It used to only take me about 15 minutes to get home, so running home before going out wasn’t that big of a deal. I guess I’ll need to add house hunting to the schedule for 2015!

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  1. Diana says:

    I feel ya on the long commute. It’s exhausting. I’m hoping that my husband and I can make a big house move in 2015 too.

    Looks like you stay super busy, which I always find is a good thing!

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