4 Fun Thrift Store Challenges to Try

Looking for a new activity to shake up your thrift store shopping? How about a thrift store challenge?!

We all know that thrift stores are the place to find clothing, accessories, and home goods at affordable prices. We also know part of the fun of thrifting is finding interesting and unusual items you can’t get anywhere else. Making thrifting a “challenge” by making up rules and setting a budget or time limit only adds to the fun!

Whether you’re a pro or new to thrifting, try one of these fun challenges on your next thrift shopping trip.

4 Fun Thrift Store Challenges to Try

Dress a Friend

Thrifting is even better when it’s with a friend! Grab your bestie and plan an afternoon at a local thrift store. The challenge is to split up in the store and pick out a creative outfit for the other person — it could be serious or silly! Don’t forget the accessories, jewelry, and shoes. Thrift stores have plenty of options!

Thrifty Date Night

For a totally unique date night, challenge your significant other to choose your outfit from a local thrift store. Set a budget ($20 per person is usually more than enough) and a time limit (20 minutes) to choose what you’ll wear on your date. Maybe it’s a matching couple outfit, a vintage-inspired look, or something stylish but outside of your comfort zones. Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to try something different. You may find a new style you would never have tried otherwise!

4 Fun Thrift Store Challenges to Try

The “Full Outfit” Challenge

If you’re looking to try a thrift store challenge, this is a good one for when your wardrobe starts looking a little thin. In a group, challenge everyone to find enough clothes and accessories to make a full outfit for themselves. There are a couple of ways to decide who wins this challenge. You could go by whose outfit the group likes the most, or you could see who made the most coherent outfit for the lowest price possible. Whatever you decide, the point of this challenge is to come away from the store with a whole new look.

4 Fun Thrift Store Challenges to Try

Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt

This last challenge is great for families or a group of friends. Start by making a list of some specific items you can usually find at thrift stores. Here are a few examples:

  • Tie-dyed clothing
  • “Throwback” CDs or movies
  • An item that makes you laugh
  • Artwork you’d hang in your home
  • A book you’d like to read
  • Animal figurines
  • Board games or puzzles for family game night
  • Clothing with the name of your city on it

Once you’re at the store, look for the items on your list. Thrift store associates work hard to keep their stores clean and tidy, so if you aren’t planning on purchasing something, just take photos of what you find. The person who has the most photos after 20 minutes wins!

Which challenge would you try out first?

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