December Photo-A-Day 2011

Well folks, it is that time of year again! Time to put my new fancy camera to use and get started with my December Photo-A-Day project. I will be posting my pictures both here and on Facebook. This year a few of my friends will be playing along as well, so that should be fun.

For those of you that are just stopping by (aka Not Laaura or Robyn) here is the run down of my December Photo-A-Day project:

  • Take a Picture everyday in December
  • Post the picture here on my blog and also on Facebook
  • Print out the pictures and make a mini album out of them

It’s a great way to document December/the end of the year/the holidays. Taking a photo everyday forces me to slow down and actually enjoy everything instead of just letting it fly by. Is it hard to take a photo everyday? Well sure. Some days there isn’t a whole lot going on that is “exciting” so I find something normal and everyday to take a picture of.

Do you want to play along? Leave a comment with a link to your blog and I promise to check out your photos as well. Here is a little list of ideas of things you can photograph throughout the month.

  • pets
  • kids
  • decorating your holiday tree
  • your finished holiday tree
  • cookie baking
  • gift wrapping
  • christmas lights
  • christmas cards
  • Santa
  • cooking dinner
  • crafts/hobbies
  • various outings – sporting events, birthdays, trips to theme parks, concerts
  • your city’s annual tree lighting

This is just a short list of ideas. What will you be making sure that you get a photo of this month?

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