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I love to read. I started reading at an early age and I just never stopped. Since the beginning of the year when I decided to go Cable Free, I’ve been reading a lot more. I took a couple weeks off recently (due to lack of motivation) but picked up a new book a couple of days ago. And now I’m onto my third book this week 🙂 I mean, I went to see my mom this weekend and both nights I was there (after dinner of course) we sat down and drank wine and read. Yup, we were both in the same room for hours at a time not talking to each other. It was awesome.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about WHY people love to read. For me its that escape from reality. The ability to sit down after a long day of work or whatever, and escape to another world. Suddenly my problems don’t matter. Unfortunately I think its also a bit like a drug. I start a book and then don’t want to put it down. It helps explain why I’m on book #3 this week. But it is more than that. Its those times when you connect with the characters in the book and find yourself, on numerous occasions, thinking “I totally understand.” The times when you see yourself in those characters. That is totally what has happened with the book I’m currently reading (I won’t tell you what I’m reading, because that is a completely different post).

I totally see myself in the main character. How she has a hard time being honest and upfront with people in person, but the minute she has a computer to hide behind she can let it all out. How she does things, even though she may not totally want to, because pleasing someone else is more important than being slightly uncomfortable. How the man she is in love with loves her, but wants everything on HIS terms. How he is more than willing to GIVE her everything under the sun, except for the things she really NEEDS. How she can be totally mad at him, but all it takes is one of his amazing smiles and she melts.

All of this is keeping me hooked on the book, but at the same time makes it harder to read. Books are supposed to be an escape from reality, but instead it just reminds me of parts of my own life. Parts I wish weren’t the way they are. So what am I supposed to do? The book is the 2nd one in a series of 3 – I can’t just stop reading it.

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