What did I get myself into?!?

One week from today my crazy busy travel/race schedule kicks into high gear. When I became a Rock ‘n Blog ambassador I had the wonderful plan of doing two races in the spring and Vegas in the fall. But then I got a new job and that whole plan went out the window. Not being able to take any time off for 6 months meant that all three of my races were gonna have to be in the fall. Okay, I can make this work.

Rock N Roll Savannah Half

Then I looked at the fall schedule and thought otherwise. I finally decided just to jump in the deep end and signed up for Rock ‘n Roll Savannah AND Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas – which just happened to be back to back. To make things “worse” I signed up for two races in Savannah. So what does this mean exactly? Let me share my upcoming schedule with you…

November 6 – Drive to Savannah
November 7 – RnR Savannah 1/2 Marathon & Rock ‘n Blog Meetup
November 8 – RnR Savannah 5k, Drive home
November 9 – 12 – Work
November 12 – Fly to Las Vegas
November 13 – Ziplining over Freemont Street
November 15 – RnR Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon
November 16 – #WeRunSocial Meetup, Fly home

So over a span of 11 days I’ll be driving about 550 miles, running two 1/2 marathons, running a 5k, ziplining over Freemont Street, and flying to/from Vegas. Sounds totally reasonable huh?

Rock N Roll Las Vegas CCFA

I’ve spent the last few weeks TERRIFIED about this upcoming trip. I didn’t feel prepared for the races, I was worried about all the traveling, and I was just all around freaking out. I’m not sure what happened but now I’m pretty darn excited about it all. Am I more prepared for the races? Nope. And I less worried about the traveling? Not really. But now that it has finally kicked in that I’m heading to Savannah to do two races AND I’m running on the freaking Las Vegas strip AT NIGHT… I am one happy Meghan.

Cricut Creations - I Run Because I really Like Cupcakes

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do in both cities because, well, I’m a planner. Its what I do. But the closer I get to leaving the less it all seems to matter. Other than the few things I already have planned, I think I’m just gonna wing it. I know what you are thinking “Meghan? Not PLAN her trip out? NO WAY!” I mean yes I’m gonna go to Back In the Day bakery in Savannah. And yes I’m going to treat myself to a ride on the High Roller in Vegas. But I’m not going to worry about getting it all done. I’m going to just enjoy my races, enjoy the cities, and enjoy time with my friends. I mean that’s what its all about right?

*Disclosure: As a Rock ‘n Blog ambassador I received complimentary entry into 3 Rock ‘N Rock races of my choosing. But as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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