Thrifty Thursday – Christmas in July

I haven’t done any Thrifty Thursday posts in awhile and since I hit the motherload a couple weeks back I decided to bring it back. Ready to hear about my thrifting fun?

Most thrift stores have a section with holiday decorations (most Christmas) all year round. Some stores keep a small amount out all the time and then put TONS out around Thanksgiving. And others do a Christmas in July sale. If you are a lover of all things Christmas like I am, I suggest hitting up your favorite stores during July to see if they do this.

I decided to hit up the Habitat for Humanity Restore a couple weeks ago because I was going to another store nearby. Boy was I glad I did! They were having a Christmas in July sale and all the Christmas items were 50% off. And they had RACKS AND RACKS of Christmas stuff. Christmas decoration tend to get stacked, so make sure not just to look but move things around. Two of the items I purchased I found under things that I had no interest in buying. If I hadn’t picked them up and moved things I never would have found them.

So what did I get? I got FOUR things for $1.75! Yep, you read that right. Four things for just $1.75. Two of them I’m keeping and two are for my momma.

Thrifty Thursday - Christmas In July














It is NEVER too early to start shopping for the holidays, especially when it comes to decorations. I was also looking for Halloween stuff for my mom but didn’t have any luck. Maybe next time.


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